Trio West releases new song: Christmas Imagination

Featuring the great jazz vocalist Champian Fulton, this silky, smooth jazz bossanova captures the spiritual side of Christmas. "It's not about the toys but the purest joy shared by me and you", writes composer Tobias Gebb. The song lyrics tap into the joy of being a child again - something us adults forget all to easily. For those who grew up celebrating Christmas, do you remember the uncontained joy and anticipation? Do you remember the imagination running wild? Sure, us kids were all dreaming about cool toys and other things but there's another side to it. It's the magic, the festivities, the possibility, and fellowship

(albeit temporary) of humanity.

Even though this song is a new release, Trio West and Champian Fulton achieve a classic sound right out of the gate. Invoking a classic 1960's sound, the song channels great singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Dinah Washington.

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